Monday, 20 August 2012

Eid al Fitr in Quebec and Saudi Arabia: Reports from Iles de Boucherville and the NY Times

Had a lovely picnic yesterday on the Iles de Boucherville with the extended Soderstrom and Lizée families: 10 adults and four kids with one on the way.  Nice to get together outside and play a bit.

We were far from the only ones.  The park in the middle of the St. Lawrence is always popular for its good picnicking, acces to kayaking and great bicyle and walking trails.  But yesterday was also the day when Muslims around the world broke the Ramadan month of fasting with celebrations.  The picnic ground was full of groups of families and friends barbecuing delicious-smelling things and feasting in the afternoon sun.

During the holy month, devout and not-so-devout Muslims fast during daylight hours, which always seemed to me to be an immense sacrfice when the month cycles into summer in northern latitudes.  But it seems that in many places, the evenings are filled with fun.  This story in The New York Times details how conservative Saudi Arabian television puts on its most engaging programs for audiences who spend the evenings at home during Ramadan.  Here's an  interesting look at what's considered risqué.  (Hint: a 31 episode drama about one of the Prophet's most illustrious follow, Omar.
And then there's the Arabian-Bollywood series, Hindistani. Popular culture is everywhere!

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