Sunday, 12 August 2012

Love Story: American Style: Medical Bills Leave No Money for Wedding

In the picture in the New York Times today, the couple are taking a turn around the ballroom as their wedding.  They look a little worn, but obviously happy.  Good for them, you might say, until she see that the man is trailing around an oxygen canister.

The story is about Michael Olexa and Angela Sclafani who were married Aug. 2 just before he was rushed back to the hospital as his terminal cancer bit again.  Apparently he's still there, hooked up to a ventilator.

Nice story, eh?  But the real kicker is the fact that the couple couldn't afford a wedding party because all theri money was going to pay his medical bills.  Both working class, they didn'tt have much health insurance, and now he's unemployed and she's been forced to take a step-down job.    The wedding was financed by some foundation that pays for parties for terminally ill lovers.

In Canada, it's quite possible that a couple in similar circumstances wouldn't have the cash to get married in style but at least they wouldn't have to worry about medical bills.  Our single payer system is precious and supports all parts of our lives, including our love lifes.

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