Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday Photo: Urban Agriculture

There's been a lot about urban agriculture in the press around here lately.  Hard to tell just how much impact the movement to grow your own food in the city is having, but it's clear that many people have long cultivated their own little gardens in the center of Montreal.

This summer has been excellent for growing things, provided you have access to wter.  This garden in the back of a triplex was doing well when I took the picture a couple of weeks ago, and now has many goodies ready to harvest.

We had a few pears that I saved from the squirrels, but since I don't have hoses installed under the two trees at the back of our 25 by 100 foot lot and they suffered before I realized that they needed some extra help.  Last night I cut a few up for a fruit salad, and while they were a welcome addition, they didn't match the marvelous taste of this year's Ontario peaches.

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