Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Following Is Completely Unsolicited. Centre du Rasoir is Terrific

Let's hear it for the Centre du rasoir and Sunbeam/Osterizer.  In these days of instant obsalesence how heartening it is to be able to replace a part for an appliance that is nearly 40 years old!

I bought a Sunbeam blender sometime in the early 1970s which has worked wonderfully ever since.  For a time, however, it was hard to get the little rubber gaskets that go in the bottom of the mixing container, but then I discoverd that the shop on Phillips Square in downtown Montreal always had them, as well as many other small appliances and accessories.  Because of the store personnel's courtesy and the efforts made to find what I wanted, I've gone back frequently and was pleased to see that the enterprise has expanded into a small chain. (It's called Personal Edge in Ontario.)

Last week I dropped a heavy glass on the blender's mixing container and cracked ia big chip out of the top.  Not expecting too much since the blender is so old, I went to the Centre du rasoir in the Montreal Trust shops to see if they could order a replacement for me.  No, they had nothing in stock, but, yes, they could get one.  Might take two or three weeks, the clerk said: "they might have to order from China, you never know"

But last night the clerk called.  The part was in, and I'm back in business thanks to this small business that should be encouraged, I think.

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