Wednesday, 22 August 2012

ERDC Committee to Plan Payout to Gazette Freelancers

The Electronic Rights Defence Committee is beginning discussions about how to distribute the money and stock it received on behalf of freelancers who wrote for The Gazette of Montreal from Postmedia and other defendants in a class action.  

A committee has been formed to consider how to distribute the proceeds. Because the cash value of the stock is much less than it was a year ago the executive instructed the committee to make a simple plan that will cut down on administration costs. Specifically, the committee is charged to use the following parameters:

a) The plan is to be based on considering all claimants as one group.
b) It will consider the distribution of shares among claimants.
c) It will propose minimum and maximum amounts in the payout per claimant.

The committee, currently composed of David Homel (class representative), Mary Soderstrom (ERDC president) and Stephanie O’Hanley (ERDC executive member at large), is to prepare a proposal by mid-October. ERDC members who would like to join the committee or who have suggestions for it should contact the ERDC through secretary Jack Ruttan at or me at

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