Thursday, 21 June 2012

Beach Boys, Laurie and LIfe

The Beach Boys are on tour--in Toronto Tuesday and Montreal last night with many, many more dates to come. I caught a rather sappy interview with them on Jian Gomeshi yesterday, but I was, as always, swept away by their very dated, but nevertheless engaging songs.  Having been a California girl myself, I feel a particular attachment to their song by that name.

So did my sister, Laurie, who died not quite 10 years ago:  she collapsed a week after her 56th birthday on July 26, 2002.   When it came time to plan a memorial the "California Girl" was the first piece of music we decided on, because she was such a fan and it could have been written as a tribute to her.

I miss her greatly still, as do many others. So here is a version from some time in the 1960s:  I'd like to think of her singing along some place cool...

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