Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More from the Copyright Wars: Who Owns a Video?

Everyone seems to  think that he or she can use just anything that's out there for private use.  A case in point is a video made during a demonstration during a recent by provincial by election north of Montreal where Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois banged a couple of pot lids together.  She doesn't do it for very long, and appears to do it only because she's handed the lids.

The  clip was slashed from a longer video posted on Youtube and massaged a bit for use in an ad by the Quebec Liberal Party.  In it Marois looks clumsy and appears to be playing out of rhythm with the protesters.  That's bad enough, but the PLQ's message is that she is supporting violence etc.

I went looking for it this morning, but it's been withdrawn, apparently because the amateur photographer sent a lawyer's letter in protest, saying he never gave permission for its use .  Bully for him!

Now, if other people would get the message...  The passage of the new Copyright law in Canada, opening up the educational exemption for copying is just another example of the way that creators of all sort are being forgotten in the equation when they are not being simply ripped off. 

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Jack Ruttan said...

Casseroling, or le tantramar, whatever you want to call it, is fun. It felt good to beat a pot along with all your neighbours and their kids. A community bonding exercise. Mind you, some folks were holding their ears.