Friday, 1 June 2012

Jean Charest Doesn't Care Much about Montreal, It Seems

Just had an interesting conversation with a local  muncipal politician (opposition party, natch)  about the way the provincial government walked out of talks with student groups over the tuition hike controversy and related brouhaha.

Jean Charest, the Liberal premier, just sacrificed Montreal, he says, adding that Gérald Tremblay, the current mayor and former Liberal cabinet minister, is letting Charest get away with it without saying boo.  The conflict will continue, the summer tourist season will be the pits, but Charest doesn't care because his actions will play well in rural Quebec where Liberal votes needs propping up.

I've been expecting from the beginning that Charest will call an election on the issue.  To be continued....

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ck said...

I'd say that's pretty bang on. If he really wanted to protect those 'precious' festivals, Charest and his minions would've acted in good faith-- a long time ago.

Tremblay, by playing the victim in the media screams volumes. Instead of putting out anti-mask laws, he'd be pressuring Charest.