Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday Photo: Balm for Bees, and the Eyes

This was taken a few days ago, when the bee balm was just beginning to bloom.  Now a wide swath of the little front garden is full of yellow flowers spikes, and I've happy to report that the bees are enjoying the blossoms.

Colony Collapse Disorder--the name now given to the mysterious malady that has been striking honey bees for the last 15 years--has recently been linked to a very common pesticide, imidacloprid.  I fon't know if the fact that our front yard has been been chemical-free for at least two decades has influenced its popularity as a hangout with those fascinating insects.  I would like to think, though, that my lazy-person's gardening techniques have contributed to the health of the bees in this neck of the woods.

July 4 update: seems the flowers aren't bee balm at all (although the bees love them) but yellow loosestrife.  Sorry about that. 

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