Friday, 22 June 2012

Great Strawberries This Year from Quebec Farms: Will Data Be the Next Hot Crop?

South-eastern Quebec punches above its weight when it come to market-gardening.  This year, given an early spring, crops are already coming in ebundantly.  Quebec strawberries--always very tasty--are better than I ever remember them.

But there may be another "crop" on our horizon: data farms.  With abundant hydroelectricity and a climate which is pretty cold for five months of the year, it  seems that a growing data/server storing industry may be in the making.  Weird to think of the countryside filled with warehouses where nothing much moves except the bits and bytes of electronic data, but that appears to be a distinct possiblity.  Certainly, the move toward cloud servers means greater demand for "data farms." 

And this is one for those of you who like to think in Gaia terms:  are these "farms" analogous to the neural nodes in animals?  Are we seeing the beginning of a new planet-spaning super organism?

Stay tuned...

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