Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Report on What We Need: Green Invest, Not Oil Sands

Very interesting report out of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives today. This is the kind of cage-rattling that the Harper government wants to stop. 

According to their press release: "Accelerated oil and gas extraction will boost profits but won't drive major employment gains, says a report released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). Instead, embracing a "green industrial revolution" will allow Canada to meet its climate change commitments while boosting a lacklustre economy.
The report, by CCPA Senior Economist Marc Lee and researcher Amanda Card, finds that less than 1% of Canadian workers are employed in fossil fuel extraction and production in Canada (oil, natural gas and coal).

"But these jobs come at a high price in environmental and climate terms—accounting for 27% of Canadian greenhouse gas emissions. Figures do not include the fuel content of exports, which would show these industries to be much dirtier."

Please note that the CCPA, like the right-wing Fraser Institute, has tax-free charitable status.  Which one do you bet will be the first to have that status challenged?

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