Thursday, 14 June 2012

My On-Going Adventures with Portuguese

The morning show I listen to has a segment most days between 5:30-5:45 from cities around the world in which a popular song of the moment is played for a little ambience.

 I woke up today to a report from Lisbon about Portuguese financial woes and soccer hopes, which ended with a song which apparently is an old one that is being played frequently these days, despite its age: Eu gosto dessa mulher.

 The lyrics appeared simple, although as usual I could make out only a couple of words. But I liked the lilt and went looking for it this afternoon, both to research the words, and to explore why the song is being play now.

 Couldn't come up a reason for its alleged current poularity but I did find three amazingly different renditions. The first is by a band from the engineering faculty at the Universidad de Porto, the second is by a hot Brazilian singer, and the third was filmed during a reunion of men who were in the military during the Carnation Revoluiton of 1974.

 The lyrics say basically "I want that woman, whether she's skinny or fat, tall or short...." There probably are a few double-entendres mixed in, but whatever, all day I've been smiling about all the men and their various passions. One of the nice things about being a woman of more-than-a-certain age is that it gives you licence to think that's cute...

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