Saturday 10 September 2011

Well Done: Sid Ingerman Takes First for Canada at the International Triathalon Competition in Beijing

The wonders of the internet allowed Sid Ingerman's many friends to follow him to victory in his age group at the International Triathalon sprint championships in Beijing Saturday.

Sid, 82, took up the sport after he retired from teaching economics at McGill University, and has been going strong ever since. His time this time for the sprint was two hours, 50 minutes and 22 seconds. Many messages of encouragement bobbed up on the official site as the race went on, and we were waiting to see him cross the finish line. But for some reason the live stream stopped, and we had to make do with someone writing that he'd finished and picked up the Canadian flag to celebrate.

Eighty-two, can you imagine! I couldn't do it at considerably younger.

And now he's off to do some touring in China: he even took Mandarin lessons last winter in preparation.

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