Saturday, 29 February 2020

Saturday Photo: The Cover...

So this is the cover for my next book.  Pretty nifty, I think.

And also here's a cartoon from the March 2, 2020 New Yorker.   The caption is: "You might have time left for one more book, but only if it doesn't require a lot of research.

 It's more or less the story of my life... and, yes, I've got  an idea for another book!

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Saturday Photo: Concrete Getting Nearer

Next week I should get suggested revisions to my next book Concrete: From Ancient Origins to a Problematic Future. The University of Regina Press has set the publication date  for October 10, 2020, and now it seems that the book will actually soon be concrete (a sort of a bad pun.)

Concrete is an amazing material that has built the world as we know it.  Things built with  concrete vary from the Gothic-inspired church of Notre Dame de Raincy in France to freeways like the one pictured below in Montreal that had to be torn down after 60 years because it was falling apart.

Working on this book has been a pleasure, and now, as I continue to talk about Frenemy Nations: Love and Hate between Neighbo(u)ring States, I'm looking forward to switching gears next fall and talking about this amazing stuff.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Saturday Photo: Valentine a Little Late

Busy, complicated week, so I'm offering this Valentine a day late.  It was made a couple of years ago when I was looking for something clever to send to my Sweeties.  Don't know if it's clever but it lifted my spirits when I came across it this week.

Remember: the flowers will come, sooner or later1

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Saturday Photo: A Walk in the Snow

Well, actually the photo was taken some time ago, after another winter storm, but today when I was out I forgot my camera, so it will have to suffice.

Lots of snow, and now the glorious, cold sunshine that often follows is upon us.  Makes everything lovely, particularly if you go out only because you want to...

Enjoy yourself today.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Saturday Photo: January Morning...

The stark beauty of winter, with, thank goodness, the promise of lengthening days.

The sun is coming up about 7:15 these days, which means that there's a hint of light in the sky when I get up an hour earlier.  That seems so hopeful in this winter of our discontent.

Got to keep an eye on the sunny side, or it would be so easy to go under in the sea of political and social bad news.